Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Itching to stitch...

Well hello there! I've been away from this blog for such a long time that I thought it was time to pop back in for a moment and show you something pretty.

Thanks to the lovely Tania, I recently came across this new embroidery book by Gail Pan called Patchwork Loves Embroidery. As I also LOVE embroidery, I thought it must be time for another book review.

source: Martingale

I've reviewed this lovely tome over on the Sunbury Stitchers blog so I won't repeat myself here, but suffice to say once my exams are over in the next two weeks, I will be whipping up one or two of these little pincushions. Tania and I have a history of crazy stitching challenges, so I've pledged to make one of these gorgeous pincushions with her as a challenge. I haven't caught up with the Gisborne stitching group in quite a while, purely due to my mad commitments this year...more about that soon, but I do hope to catch them over the semester break.

source: Martingale

Here are some divine versions of these pincushions done by blogger Sameliasmum {see link below}. She recently had a giveaway for this book, but alas I was too late and missed out. Her colour selections are so me, all bold, bright and modern. I LOVE them!

source: Sameliasmum

Sameliasmum on Pinterest

By the way, if you need some embroidery inspiration and these images aren't quite enough for you, take a look at my little collection of pins over here... You'll find lots of links to stitching tutorials too!


Tania said...

Hello!!!! How lovely to see you! Can't wait to stitch up a few little projects from this book, just waiting for it to arrive. I'm on for a couple of challenges if you are, Ms K!! xx

elliek said...

That looks like a me sort of book too. Will have to source it!!


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